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How EasyLekto works

Getting EasyLekto services is easily. Your text must be uploaded to the EasyLekto server in a suitable format [1] via the “Place an order” page or as an e-mail attachment to EasyLekto auftrag@easylekto.eu. You also choose whether you only want a proofreading, editing or other supplementary service [2]. After EasyLekto has received your order, you will receive an email with an attached invoice. Depending on the scope of your order, your text will be corrected and processed directly, and you will receive a payment request upon completion or you will have to pay in advance and the processing will only start after payment of the invoice [3].

If the text is edited, you are given as an e-mail attachment as well as a download link, where you can load the results by yourselve onto the computer. In any case, you always receive the original file, a correction file, as well as a directly usable corrected file [4].

Important: If special features should be taken into consideration during the revision of your text, please provide corresponding information, while you placing an order (retention of personal or dialect characteristics, etc.). In case of doubt, you will be contacted by e-mail to clarify such or similar questions. Your satisfaction is top priority for EasyLekto.

Confidential documents can be sent encrypted to EasyLekto for your protection [5].


[1]: Text formats

Please upload your text in one of the following formats:

.odt (OpenDocument text file)

.doc (Microsoft Office [TM] Text File)

.docx (Office Open XML Text File)

.txt (pure text file)

. (X) html (HTML file)

.md (Markdown file)


[2]: Additional services

At the moment EasyLekto does not offer any special services. If you have special requests when editing your text, please contact EasyLekto by e-mail at: kontakt@easylekto.eu.

In the future, supplementary services include, for example, formulation assistance, text coaching (eg for successful application letters or CVs). EasyLekto will be happy to keep you up to date with this and other news. Just subscribe to the EasyLekto newsletter for free charge.


[3]: Payment

For an order volume of up to 20 standard pages (33,000 characters including spaces) your text will be tackled immediately after the transfer. Upon completion, you will receive a payment request. Once you have paid the invoice, you will receive the files as an e-mail attachment and a download link to the revised files (validity: 14 days).

From an order volume of more than 20 standard pages, you’ll immediately receive the payment request with the invoice. Upon receipt of your payment, the text will be revised and immediately upon completion you will receive the documents as an e-mail attachment, as well as the download link.

The payment is possible by transfer and via PayPal (recommended).


[4]: What you get from EasyLekto

If your text is revised, you will receive an email with the following attachments:

1. the original file you originally sent

2. a correction file (.docx or .odt) showing the corrections / revisions for you

3. a revised file with the directly usable corrected text


[5]: Encrypting sensitive data

Sensitive data should be encrypted before transmission. EasyLekto guarantees the correct handling of your textes and will never make the data accessible to third parties, but there is always the possibility of intercepting documents on the transmission path.

You can encrypt your documents with openPGP / GPG and then transfer them. This way, you can rest assured that the data can only be decrypted for EasyLekto. For encryption under Windows you can simply use Gpg4win or do this with a right-click in the Explorer. For OS-X, simply install openPGP or GPG. Then you have the possibility to encrypt the file in the Finder by means of a right click. On Linux, use the GPA program or encrypt the file in the text console using the command

gpg -r auftrag@easylekto.eu --encrypt <filename>

First of all, you have to add the public key of EasyLekto to your keyring: public key

In order for EasyLekto sending back your encrypted file again, of course you must start a private and public key (with the programs above) and you can either upload the public key to a key server or send EasyLekto as an e-mail attachment. You will also receive your file back in encrypted form.


Proofreading is to check texts for errors with the aim of obtaining mistakes-free texts.

Spelling, grammar, punctuation and typographical mistakes are corrected in your text. changes to the content are not made and the style of writing is disregarded. In the event, that there are arstatistical mistakes during the proofreading process, you will be informed whether these mistakes are to be edited (editing).

To the price list Proofreading


Price list for proofreading orders:


Price list for editing orders:


Prices for additional / special services by written agreement.

Please note:

With an order volume of up to € 1.99, PayPal must be payed a surcharge of € 0.37 in order to cover the PayPal charges. For a higher order volume, EasyLekto accepts the PayPal fees.

Price list for proofreading orders

Client Price per standard page
Pupils / students 1,00 € (300 Ft)
Individuals 1,49 € (445 Ft)
Companies 1,99 € (600 Ft)

The prices are valid for each standard page (1,650 characters incl. Spaces).

Price classification:

Number of pages Discount
1 – 5 . / .
6 – 10 25 %
ab 11 33 %

Price list for editing orders

Client Price per standard page
Pupils / students 1,99 € (600 Ft)
Individuals 2,49 € (750 Ft)
Companies 2,99 € (900 Ft)

The prices are valid for each standard page (1,650 characters incl. Spaces).

Price classification:

Number of pages Discount
1 – 5 . / .
6 – 10 25 %
ab 11 33 %