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Would you like to write your texts in correct German? You want to avoid mistakes in your private or business correspondence, even though you are not a German native speaker? Do you think that your texts are your personal sign? Then EasyLekto can help you easily, quickly and cheaply!

In the proofreading, your texts are checked and corrected for typographical mistakes, spelling, punctuation and grammar. Formatting and formulation remain unaffected. The fast and inexpensive way to correct texts.
At the editing, your textes are checked and corrected for typographical mistakes , spelling, punctuation and grammar. In addition, your texts are optimized in terms of stylistics, form and formatting (all of course in the agreed frame and taking your stylistic preferences into account).
Getting EasyLekto services is easily. In this manual, you will be told how easyly to improve your texts...

Wenn die Sprache nicht stimmt, dann ist das, was gesagt wird, nicht das, was gemeint ist. So kommen keine guten Werke zustande. Also dulde man keine Willk├╝r in den Worten.

Konfuzius, chinesischer Philosoph, 551 - 479 v. Chr.